Putting humanity's interests first

Founded in 2020, Caronix Co. has been dedicated to trailblazing the cosmos in search of humanity's new home. Caronix Co. is devoted to preserving our legacy while paving the way for new, cutting edge technology and adventures. 

While our competitors have barely touched the surface of the Eonerth system, Caronix has been tirelessly working for the past decade to break ground on our interstellar soil. 

Leading the way for Intergalactic Travel

Since the discovery of faster than light travel in 2008, Caronix Co. has perfected the technology, making it safer - and faster - than ever. Where our competitors are still lacking, taking anywhere from weeks to months to reach the Eonerth system, Caronix Co. has tremendously reduced the travel time to mere days!

In addition to this revolutionary innovation, Caronix Co. is now happy to offer medically induced REM free stasis for our travelers, reducing the perceived travel time to just a few hours!

Prioritizing safety and comfort

At Caronix Co., we prioritize safety without risking comfort. As a government subsidiary, Caronix Co., has reserved exclusive rights to state of the art space suits that will help surveyors expand our horizons!

All of Caronix Co.'s suits are outfitted with the most reliable and lightweight external oxygen units that can last up to 3 hours before needing to be refilled. Our suits are durable and breathable, made of cutting edge ripstop fabrics. 

As an added bonus, each suit comes preinstalled with Caronix Co.'s premier AI, Walker. Walker is capable of displaying current Oxygen levels, heart rate, calories burned, and instructing colonists through basic first aid procedures.