Division of Labor

At Caronix Co., we believe team work makes the dream work! Our colonists on Terric-041 are divided into 10 different divisions. Read on to learn more!

Survey Division

Our explorers in the Survey Division are responsible for forging the path for all our colonists on this new frontier. As a Surveyor, you can expect to be among the first to tread new soil on Terric-041 and communicate back to the colony where it's safe to build. Who knows what astounding new sights you'll see out there!

Supply Division

Colonists working in the Supply Division will be responsible for managing, maintaining, and acquiring supplies for the colony. Those in the Supply Division can expect to work closely with all the other divisions, ensuring our colonists have whatever they need to keep the colony running smoothly.

Science Division

Researchers in the Science Division have the crucial task of learning and discovering as much as possible about our new, alien home. The Science Division will work in tandem with the Survey Division to analyze new samples retrieved during exploration and find innovative ways to apply this knowledge to better the colony.

Medical Division

Our Medical Division consists of highly trained surgeons, doctors, nurses, EMTs, and other medical professionals. You can trust the Medical Division to patch up any cuts or scrapes that may be received while performing routine duties, as well as take care of medication management. 

Security Division

Not currently accepting applications.

Command Division

The Command Division are Caronix Co.'s star employees who have proven themselves capable of not just shining under pressure, but thriving. Commanders keep the colony on Terric-041 running, and serve as a general point of contact for all duties to be assigned to other division members.

Psych Division

Our Psych Division may have a less intensive job than others, but they're still an integral part of our team. Our Psych experts not only maintain the morale of colonists living on Terric-041, but take a personal interest in making sure our colonists are as happy as can be! Those in the Psych Division are also responsible for onboarding our new arrivals, making them crucial to keep this project afloat.

Communications Division

Communications specialists are in charge of coordinating incoming and outgoing transmissions between the colony and all outside parties. Communications can expect to work closely with those in the Supply Division, as the Communications Division will need to coordinate supply requests with the Caronix Co. base.

Engineering Division

The Mechanics of the Engineering Division are crucial to the colony's survival. Engineers will maintain and repair equipment for all divisions, including the space suits that Surveyors need to explore Terric-041. In the event that the colony suffers any damage, Engineers are responsible for fixing all critical issues to protect our colonization efforts.

Navigation Division

The employees in the Navigation Division hold many responsibilities. Navigators are responsible for coordinating supply drops to safely reach the colony, ensure that new arrivals make it to the docking stations, and even help Surveyors navigate the rough terrain of Terric-041!