The Project

The Eonerth system, discovered in 2005, showed promise as the first habitable solar system outside of our own. When the Event occurred in 2010 and Charybdis opened, the race to find humanity's new home was on. 

While other privatized companies scrambled to make a profit on intergalactic tourism, Caronix Co. devoted its time and energy to finding a place where all of mankind could call home. 

Unsurpassed beauty

Terric-041 must be seen to be believed. Fortunately, with Caronix Co.'s cutting edge technology and dedication to their fellow man, we're able to provide you a sneak peak of what's in store for our colonists!

Eonerth, being a binary star system, offers breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. While the day and night cycle will surely take some getting used to, the sights you'll see - and the safety you'll feel - will surely make it worth it. 



Terric-041 (property of Caronix Co.) is the largest habitable planet in the Eonerth system. With a gravitational pull much like our own and a vast ocean covering nearly 40% of the planet's surface, we at Caronix Co. are confident that Terric-041 is the best choice for ensuring humanity's survival. 

The surface of Terric-041 is covered in rocky terrain, with fetching red sand and rugged mountains as far as the eye can see. Based on footage obtained from our drones, a stunning lavender sea stretches beyond those stony shores.